Nikita Averkin // Olya Avstreyh & Jenya Milyukos // Anna Volkova // Polina Shilkinite // Anna Zalevskaya
curation // Misha Davydov
exhibition dates // October 17-19

A P A R T M E N T is an experience of isolation as recorded in art objects made by 6 emerging artists currently living and making in Russia. The exhibition offers a view into highly personal and site-specific narratives, showing us that we are in fact bound together in many ways during this destabilizing moment.

This exhibition is organized in the midst of a global pandemic. All around the world, the need to quarantine has prompted radical acts of reimagination. In the United States, we are standing at a crossroads and actively questioning what have been seemingly immutable systems of privacy and digital modes of existence, race and the collective body. This re-examination and disruption of our society is mirrored in the acts of undoing that are surfacing in the praxis of young Russian artists.

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Boundaries of Belonging

Exhibition Dates: August 7-9, 2020

This exhibition explores the lines that tie us to heritage and home. However here home is not a domestic ideal, instead it is a somewhat unsettling accountability, an aftershock of the lottery of life, leaving us wrestling with enduring duties we carry from the histories we were born into. 

The four artists presented in Boundaries of Belonging, Hannah Bakken, Andrea Gochez-Wilson, Mohamed Murshed, and Mercedes Rajme create works that articulate the complex relationships to the places where they and their families originate from. These ancestral lines hold us and push us away, they include some of us in shared meaning while excluding others of us, and at times, limit our safety and acceptance due to legal, political, and familialial legacies.

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Exhibition Dates: July 17-19, 2020

Congress Yard Projects (CYP) is pleased to announce it’s 3rd exhibition in the Stepping Out series, RE:Location, featuring the work of sean chamberlain, Linda Heidvogel, and Sarah Peters. The art works in this exhibition were all created in response to the site, our backyard, taking the forms of installation, sculpture, and video.

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emBEINGbodies shares the work from four artists who are expanding the meaning of an artwork’s relationship to the body of a viewer. Some of this work was created before the onset of COVID 19, while other works were made in response to the global pandemic’s impacts upon our lives. In both cases the artworks invite and question un-screened-touch, once so common, yet today unpracticed and strange. The works both reject tele-somatic experience and also reflect upon the ubiquity of our virtual self presentation. These artists are broadening the conversation begun through the epic efforts from nonconforming feminist, non-white, queer artists and writers, whom for ages have labored to have their experiences and presence recognized and enshrined in our civic body.

Artists:  Onyx AndraFrancesca BeilharzZeph FishlynVo Vo

Exhibition Dates: June 12-14, 2020

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First exhibition: terra-form-ation

Are contemporary cultural dwellers still of the earth or has humanity forsaken its planetary roots? The nomenclature around our human future in the current epoch of the anthropocene has resulted in a flurry of terms: cyborgs, human+, post-sapiens, transhuman, and the like. Often these terms move us away from the connections between ourselves and the other multitudes of living species and planet-specific formations we live amongst which continue to echo deep in the recesses of our limbs and limbic system. The three artists in terra-form-ation have other ideas. Within their installations, sculptures, and images they evoke the living and non-living world often perceived as separate and surrounding our own, provoking other considerations that muddle any such binary and direct us to consider other frameworks for being a being that belongs here, and the impacts we have on each other.

Artists: Shelby Baldridge, sophia farmer, Sophie Henry

Descriptions, Bios, and Images Dates: May 29-31 2020

Untitled, 2020 Mack McFarland

Stepping Out Series

Congress Yard Projects’ (CYP) first series of exhibitions includes a selection of artists who are graduating from art programs in the Pacific Northwest during this moment in 2020 of physical distancing. Each exhibition in the series winds through lines of thought in the artists’ work as they cross the threshold of the academic context and emerge into this era’s unsettled public cultural sphere. CYP’s first series invites us to begin exploring how we can come together again to make, remake, and celebrate our living culture.

This series will begin in late May and continue through the summer.

More info here.

Congress Yard Projects is honored and excited to be one of many off-site locations for the Five Oaks Museum‘s exhibition This IS Kalapuyan Land guest curated by artist Steph Littlebird Fogel, which has been transformed into a series of lawn-signs in response to Covid closure of the museum building.

About Us

Congress Yard Projects (CYP) is an outdoor exhibition space in our yard. It was created in 2020 as a way of reinhabiting shared cultural space in a time of physical distancing. Organized by Mack McFarland & Ariana Jacob with curatorial assistance from Misha Davyadov.

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We are on Indigenous land. As settlers we have a lot to learn about the impacts of our presence on this place from its original peoples. Let’s join each other in cultivating relationships with and accountability to the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tualatin, Kalapuya, Molalla, Chinook, and other Indigenous people who live here and who are building a thriving Indigenous future.

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